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Cuerdas Clásicas

We are marked by the qualities of troubadours and bohemians who at times perform in formal dress and tuxedos, interpreting melodies of a clasical and semi-classical nature, and at times perform as members of an Estudiantina, wearing vestments in accordance with the customs of sixteenth century Spain.



Our History

The founder of Cuerdas Clasicas is Rodolfo Hernández, who in the year 1976, gathered a group of musicians, whose only medium was their instruments and their desire to elevate the arts. Those artists propelled themselves with their mandolins, guitars, lutes, bandurrias and stand bass, and demonstrated their capacity and professionalism to represent our organization.


Our Mission

We are a not-for-profit organization whose goal is to support, promote and foster the Latin American culture through music in Chicago.

To achieve our goal, we coordinate the talent of volunteers interested in representing our traditions in our community and preserving cultural values that are passed down through generations. 

The expansion of the group on a cultural level has been achieved with various television interviews, two first prize awards in artistic competitions, two reviews as the best cultural instrumental group in Chicago, six records, and the acceptance of the general public.


Our Music

We are focused on extracting the best of the Mexican and international music, as well as classical masterpieces.

Our repertoire includes a variety of musical works, both instrumental and vocal. Some are traditional pieces from different countries like Mexico, Spain and Cuba, while others are classical works by composers such as Mozart, Vivaldi, Strauss, Johan Sebastian Bach, and Edward Grieg. All of these characterized by pick instruments such as the mandolin, the bandurria, the lute, the bass, and of course, the classical guitar.